Faery of Love. Romantically involved with Syren, a child of Lust. Pod Siblings with Passion and Lust.

Cupid’s Arrows

The Faery of Love, Cupid, is in charge of ensuring that a being’s heart is filled with Love. This is accomplished with his Arrows. Contrary to popular belief, Cupid does not shoot the Arrow into a person with a bow. However, it has become habit among humans, Gods, and even other Faeries, to say they’ve been ‘struck’ by Cupid’s Arrow.

Cupid himself is guilty of continuing the misconception on purpose, repeatedly telling others that the Arrow’s are connected in some way to each other and it is a game of Chance. But really, the arrows are all based on chemistry and science.

The composition of the Arrow is based on a person's beliefs and morals and interests. They interact well with some, and repel others. A perfect match will result in True Love and two very strong Arrows.

Arrows can also become tainted. The chemistry is thrown off and false ideas of love that are abusive or unhealthy rule over their Arrow. It affects other weak arrows.

Arrows can can be regrown if broken. They break when True Love is shattered- by death or other trauma.